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Virtual Murder 1: Who Killed Sam Rupert

di Adriano Bizzoco

Soluzione Completa del 10 Marzo 2006
Il gioco è strutturato su due livelli: il primo incentrato sull'investigazione e la raccolta di prove, il secondo sull'incriminazione del presunto colpevole. L'ostacolo nel passaggio dal primo al secondo livello di gioco, è costituito dalla conferenza stampa, in cui vi saranno poste 10 domande scelte casualmente tra quelle riportate di seguito e accompagnate dalle rispettive risposte.

Did any celebrities eat at the restaurant last night?
c. I don't know

How many carats was the diamond ring found at the crime scene?
c. 3.4

Is the medulla oblongata a part of the brain?
a. Yes

How much money was found on the victim's person?
b. $300

According to the autopsy report, how many times was Mr. Rupert stabbed by a
a. Once

How many cases of Chateau Latour are produced each year?
b. 22,000 - 30,000

Was the door to the wine cellar found open or closed this morning?
b. Closed

According to the receipt found in his pocket at the time of the murder, how much
did Sam Rupert pay for the diamond ring?
d. $42,000

Were there any signs of forced entry?
b. No

What was the name of Edward Taliman's housekeeper?
d. Anna

Was there enough foreign saliva in the deceased's mouth to make a DNA fingerprint?
b. No

What kind of wine was found at the scene of the crime?
d. Chateau Latour '59

What's the estimated time of death?
near midnight

Were there any clues were found on the floor at the scene of the crime? What were they?
b. Some fibers and a drop of blood

Was the wine on the table at the scene of the crime from France or California?
a. France

What did Louis Perez-Lacey discuss with the clerk at the convenience store on the way home?
c. The lottery jackpot

What region of Bordeaux contains the Chateau Latour vineyards?
b. Pauillac

Did Sam Rupert have his appendix out?
c. We're not sure

Was anything stolen from the restaurant?
b. Yes, a bottle of wine

What sort of doctor was Mr. Rupert scheduled to see on the morning after his murder?
c. An ophtamologist

How tall was the deceased?
a. 6'1''

How many reservation total did Sam's have last evening?
a. 141

What time was Mr.Rupert's appointment with dentist yesterday?
a. 10:00 AM

Who has the keys of wine cellar?
Sam Rupert, Abelina Casados, Blake Ferran, Louis Perez-Lacey and Maria Campbell

How many suspects had the blood type A positive?
a. Three

Why did Acme trucking call mr. Rupert's private line?
d. To announce a deliver of fruit later in the day

Which suspect is B negative?
b. Marie Campbell

What time was mr. Rupert called from a phone booth last night?
d. 11:52

Who locked the wine cellar last night?
d. Louis Perez-Lacey

Was part of mr. Rupert's face bruised?
c. The lips

Is the Chateau Latour a first growth?
b. Yes

How many suspects are there?
b. Eight

How many time did Mimi Andrews call Mr.Rupert's private line last night after eleven PM?
c. 1

What was the clue found in Mr.Rupert's mouth?
b. The presence of someone else's saliva

How long is a bottle of Chateau Latour aged in barrels?
b. 22 to 30 months

The deceased was a large man. It would be difficult to overcome him by force. How much did he weigh?

How was the last person reported to see Mr. Rupert alive?
d. The maitre'd

How many different pairs of unidentified fingerprints did you find at the scene of the crime?
b. Two

Was there a knife found anywhere on the premises? Where was it found?
c. In the men's room in the trash

Was the wine found on the table at the scene of the crime a red or a white or a rosè?
a. Red

How many suspects were secreters?
b. Five

I understand that there was an interesting piece of evidence found in the victims jacket pocket. Can you tell us what it is?
b. A flawless diamond ring

What clues were found in the stairwell leading to the wine cellar?
b. Several sets of unidentified fingerprints

Why is the chef a suspect?
b. Because he was having business differences with Mr. Ruperts recently

Assuming that she isn't the murderer, when was the last time that Mrs. Rupert saw her husband alive?
c. On the morning of the day of the murderer

What is the current estimated price of a bottle of Chateau Latour '59?
c. 325

Which suspect reported eating Thai food last night?
b. Mimi Andrews

How much does a bottle of Chateau Latour '47 sell for in today's market?
c. 3600

Were any useful clues found on the victim's clothing? If there were, what were they?
b. A bloodstain was found on his jacket and fingerprints on his tie.

How far does Abelina Casados live from Sam's restaurant?
e. 15 miles

Were there any clues found in the main dining room?
b. No

What time did the chef leave work last night?
c. Between 10:00 and 10:15

According to his driver's license, what was the victim's age?
b. 41

Quando avrete completato la fase della conferenza stampa, avrete la possibilità di interrogare ancora una volta tre persone a scelta tra i sospettati e compilare il modulo di incriminazione del presunto colpevole.

Se volete acciuffare il vero criminale, fatelo in questo modo.

Subject: Maria Campbell (l'assistente)
Alibi status: Can't be confirmed, was alone
Motive: Jealousy
Weapon: Hat pin
Time: Midnight

Congratulazioni, avete appena assolto egregiamente al vostro dovere di detective. Ora rilassatevi e godetevi la classica confessione finale.


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